Increasing efficiency while keeping costs low
We can now see where money is being spent, so we can ensure that we aren’t wasting cash on expensive suppliers and aren’t duplicating effort.
we’ve found a system that's improved the way we do business with our supply chain across Europe and that's helped us drive significant process efficiencies, controls, and savings.
we’ve found a system that's improved the way we do business with our supply chain across Europe and that's helped us drive significant process efficiencies, controls, and savings.

Our Solutions

The cloud ERP solution

Get unparalleled value for your small business with the ERP that grows with you. Add unlimited users without per-user fees and pay only for features you use.
Digitally resilient companies rely on Acumatica Cloud ERP, the most adaptable business management solution for growing small and midmarket organizations, Business Continuity, Delivered.

Bank and credit card reconciliation

Balancing without spreadsheets you can now have a complete overview of hundreds, if not thousands, of account postings in one and the same procedure. balance4u can digitizes all types of balancing – from banking transactions to stock and supplier accounts. balance4u will enable you to make your balancing in one fifth of the usual time, without the risk of typing errors. no installation everything is in the cloud!

Planning, Budgeting and forecasting

Your Planning Process is Inflexible and Inaccurate? Does your current process require a significant amount of manual effort? This results in long planning cycles, localized documents, and decreased data accuracy, leading to increased costs and missing revenue targets.

Financial consolidation

Financial consolidation and reporting made simple automates financial consolidation, so you can spend time generating insights that add value for your corporate group. take control of your data and reporting with our cloud-based software that delivers accurate, audit-compliant consolidation every time.

Procure to pay and spend management

With us get control of spend, maximize productivity, and keep your costs low with our award-winning spend management suite.
Our cloud-based software suite simplifies spend management. Whether you’re looking to pay a supplier, source a new one, or even understand an existing one better – we’ve got you covered.

Make buying and selling easy

A network of possibilities the Pagero Network connects buyers and suppliers to digitalize and automate the exchange of orders, delivery documents, invoices and payments. But that’s just the start.

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17 years

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  • Optimized for a variety of balancing, such as credit card, bank, supplier, stock, inter-company accounts and project accounts
  • Comparison can be made for any sets of records in any format (ledger, accrual, deposit, expense, revenue, and more)
  • Compatible with any ERP or legacy systems
  • Supports all types of documents whether bank or financial statements
  • Easy-to-use user-friendly interface




Time savings


ERPs Supported

  • Complete Performance Management solution
  • State of the art technology (HTML5, Windows Server, SQL Server)
  • User friendly input, from simple data entry full CPM
  • Spreadsheet like technology flexibility & scalability
  • Plan on any dimension, version, value type, time unit






Customer Satisfaction Rate

  • Competitively priced subscription-based solution that cuts your manual consolidation time by 50%
  • Produce audit-compliant consolidation with full audit trail
  • Access to latest software versions without system upgrades
  • Prepare financial reports with ease using your own or our pre-built templates
  • Track the original source of every financial figure


Transactions processed


Users worldwide


Client retention



  • AP Automation module with smart AI-codes that capture and digitize all invoicing with 3-way matching and posting
  • Sourcing module with customizable templates that enable the issuance of an RFP at the push of a button
  • Contract management module with automated approvals armed with real-time reports and dashboard analytics
  • Procurement module with sophisticated search feature that enables punchouts to third-party catalogues and the raising of purchase orders
  • Supplier Information Management module that is cloud based with built in anomaly or discrepancy alerts
  • Payment module that revolutionizes cross-border payments via a single channel